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Martime Streets Project - Barrow-in-Furness

Commercial Landscaping Design
Canopies and seating area
Planting towards South of Central Area
Concrete seating under pines in the central area
Elevated view of canopies and seating in central area
Local children planting bulbs in planted areas
View looking North through the garden space in the central area
Local children playing on the timber play sculpture
Bespoke concrete sculptures and seating
Elevated view of central space
Local children playing in the central area
Pines and seating in front of residents flats
Canopies and play structure
Seating in the gardens of the central area, beyond is a bespoke concrete totem
Paving beneath pine trees
Planting in the central area
Elevated nightime shot showing scheme lighting
Uplit canopies at night
Bespoke street sigange
Bespoke signage in the side gardens, either side of the central space
Bespoke fencing picking up on footpath design, delineating the central area
Table tennis table under the canopies
Planting towards the Southern end of the central area
Planting and seating in the Southern end of the central space
bespoke concrete totem signage in front of existing buildings
View looking along the main axis footpath

‘Barrow Maritime Streets’ is located in Barrow Island, accessible from Barrow-in-Furness town centre by a bridge. The surrounding housing on the island, including the Maritime Streets that form the site, is characterised by tall sandstone tenement blocks. The buildings have a quality and intrigue, although their urbanity is unforgiving. There was nothing to soften the blocks, as the landscape was run down and degraded, devoid of everything. No planting or trees, along with mainly unoccupied buildings, boarded-up shops, pubs, and empty streets, all telling a story of their own. The incremental effect of years of neglect was finally reaching a point of irretrievability.
Our approach was to understand the challenges and qualities of the site, the work focused around creating a ‘tipping point’ from which the neighbourhood could move from appearing undesirable to becoming an attractive place that would invite people in.

The Barrow Maritime Streets includes landscape improvements to the large central square, two courtyard gardens and improvements to the immediate network of streets.