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St. Peters Church

Commercial Landscaping Design
The "processional path" reinstated on the historic route to the River Wear. Lighting by Enlighten Design Ltd.
Monastic footprint to south of Church
Cast aluminium panles mark the path which predated the Anglo Saxon monastery
Low walls and sandstone paving demarcate the historic walls and interior spaces
Original archaologist's drawing converted into a guide map by sand blasting of granite
Key events in the life of the founder of the Anglo Saxon monastery , Benedict Biscop are cast into alluminium panels
The main entrance for day to day use has a new gently ramped access.
Lettering by Professor Manny Ling of the University of Sunderland and the keys of Saint Peter. Lighting by Enlighten Design Ltd
New floodlighting brings out the textures of the Anglo Saxon and Victorian stonework. Lighting by Enlighten Design Ltd.
Wildflower planting enhances the landscape setting
A collaboration between the University Chaplain, the Church and a local hostel.
On this route In 716 the the earliest surviving Latin bible in the world began it's journey from Monkwearmouth to Rome
The cast alluminium panels follow the line of the cobbled path whiich predated the Anglo Saxon monastery
The lawns demarcate the original cloistered space in which the monks and local population were buried on the seventh century.
Healthy crops in a sunny spot. Seasonal produce is used in the Church cafe.
Traditional single granite steps and wrought iron handrail
Floodlighting by Enlighten Design Ltd.
Non intrusive lighting highlights the original main entrance in the west tower. Lighting by Enlighten Design Ltd.
New stained glass windows to "Bede's Bakehouse" and meeting room
Saint Peter's Church is the first recorded location in Britain where glass has been used in windows
The design celebrates the writings of the Venerable Bede on the computation of time and the calender year
The windows replaced opaque glass to bring the landscape into the building
Anglo saxon re-enactment on the monastic footprint
St Peter's Church is the earliest recored location of a Viking invasion on the mainland of Britain

The public realm improvements at Saint Peter’s Church, Monkwearmouth celebrate both the historic importance of the Church and former monastery and its continuing relevance to the people of Sunderland.
Saint Peter’s Church, Monkwearmouth dates back to the very beginnings of Sunderland when Benedict Biscop founded a monastery on the banks of the River Wear in 674.