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Residential Architectural Practice
Woodland House Kitchen
Woodland House Exterior
Pavilion House Living Room
Pavilion House Kitchen
Pavilion House Kitchen 2
Pavilion House Exterior
Pavilion House Entrance
Pavilion House Ariel
The White House Front View
The White House Side View
The White House Rear View
The White House Living Room
The White House Entrance
Hidden House Main View
Hidden House Side View
Hidden House Internal View
MPF Front View
MPF Side View
MPF Kitchen
MPF Living Room
MPF Dining Room
MPF Rear View

The designs shown below represent an example of work that SDA Architecture has undertaken in the residential sector covering a wide range of design budgets.

At SDA Architecture we provide a truly bespoke, client focused design service. Each project is tailored specifically to our client’s unique brief. This is evident in the fact than each and every one of our designs is so different to the other, we create a scheme that is as individual and ‘one off’ as each of our clients.

We have worked with clients on a vast array of projects ranging from remodeling and extending existing homes to creating exquisite new homes. We have tackled some of the toughest planning applications where a sensitive and innovative design is of paramount importance not just for the client but also to push the boundaries of planning policy. Some of our most difficult applications have been in Green Belt sites or AONB where we have had to create innovative designs and support our clients through what can sometimes be an arduous process.

We have lead design teams with a large number of specialist consultants to deliver a streamlined approach for our clients. We have managed planning applications for our clients through planning appeals, legal challenges by way of judicial review and we have held our clients hands and supported them through the construction phases of their projects.

We are proud of each and every one of our designs because they have been delivered to our clients with passion and a drive to create something that is life changing for them. We have had clients who have spent over a year with other practices and come to us completely disheartened and we have changed their view on design and made it exciting for them. We have moved clients to tears (happy ones!) and the sense of reward and satisfaction we get from that cannot be put into words.

We have received the ultimate accolade which is positive feedback and comments from our clients and they often refer us onto family and friends as they are so inspired by what we have created for them and what we have helped them to achieve. We often post our designs on social media and have had some extremely positive comments from some famous names in the world of architecture.

Most important at SDA Architecture is that our designs are above and beyond our clients expectations and that the designs are deliverable. It would be so disheartening for a client to fall in love with a design only to be told it is impossible to build or beyond their budget. We are a small team and we dedicate every minute we have to making sure our designs are created into a reality for our clients, whether that is through innovative design, knowledge and understanding of new materials or just through sheer hard work to source the right materials, technologies and the right team to deliver the design.