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Lana Filippova

Residential Interior Designer
Rich blue colours punctuate the restrained neutral room, playing with textures and materials
The sofa was made in a plush self patterned velvet in a neutral taupe colours
The low back sofas with retractable head rests make it ideal to view TV from the centre island
An informal dining table is integrated into the centre island
A contrast stripe forms a striking feature going from the low units all the way to the ceiling panels
The feature contrast stipe
The centre island is the main cooking area with extra LED lighting around the floating ceiling panel
Comfortable dining chairs are upholstered in two tones of a snake skin patterned fabric
The large units houses a fridge freezer and is enhanced by a mirrored display niche and a graphic strips design
Inside the niche Italian glass ware is displayed featuring bright blue accent colours
The bed and headboard serve as a room divider
TV and chill out area has a comfortable sofa with head rests
Carefully selected lighting creates a cosy surrounding
The TV wall has decorative niches with lighting
Colours in the blind fabric are picked out with glass ware and accessories
The 3D panels on the ceiling connect the dividing wall with the bed and the w/robes opposit
There are decorative wall lights fitted inside the w/robe doors
The unusual ceiling panelling creates a stunning effect
Long mirrors on the wall complement the furniture design
Guest bathroom has a bespoke curved shower screen
Decorative steps at the far end occupy otherwise unusable space
LED lighting defines the curved shapes of the steps
Storage is concealed behind the mirrored wall  with the round basin
Every element is carefully selected to complement the round shapes used throughout the bathroom
Large space required large pieces of furniture
Statement dining table
Wall lights take away the plainness of the walls and the textured wooden bark paper softens the look
The sitting area is cosy with comfortable sofa and chairs
The upholstery is a mixture of soft velvets and textured fabrics
Generously proportioned furniture fills the vase space perfectly
Accessories add splashes of colour and finish off the interior
Statement pieces were chosen to create a WOW factor
Warm rich tones of taupe are further enhanced by splashes of reds and off set by black
Velvet was mixed in with a metallic finish fabric on the upholstery
The feature glass black hand made panels in the niches will have the LED lights behind them to draw the attention to them
The coffee table is a focal point in the room with an imposing sculpture
All sofas and chairs have the arms and head rests lift up providing further comfort when watching TV
A pair of elegant console tables "frames" the double width entrance
A magnificent 2.2 m mirror is a real feature in the entrance hall
A pair of glass lights look stunning from the gallery landing
Bespoke designed media wall
The media wall unit incorporates three D tiled alcoves with LED lighting
Since the photograph was taken the rug and scatter cushions were delivered that warm the room up, making it a cosy space
Clever lighting makes the most of the features in this hall
Formal lounge is finished in welcoming textures and subdued colours
Hand made crushed glass tiles were fitted inside the recesses with LED lights on both sides of the chimney breast
Bespoke designed wall to wall "floating" bed has LED lighting around the base and bed side tables
Bespoke designed fitted w/robes. Since the photograph was taken, a bench and a rug were added to the middle of the room
Bespoke designed furniture and colours are suitably masculine for a teenage boy
An oversized light was positioned directly above mirrored base coffee table
The glass top & mirrored base coffee table reflects the light above and the glass artwork on the wall
The alcoves were finished in the mirrored panels with ceramic mirrored wave tiles in the middle creating a rippled effect
The mirrored panels in the alcoves were separated with high gloss veneered frame matching the rest of the furniture
Glass twist sculpture carries on the blue accent colours in the otherwise neutral room
The bespoke geometrical shelf and glass artwork make this office a special place to be and work in
The colours are rich and moody, bright silver and high gloss finishes are bringing this atmospheric dining room to life
Long crystall wall lights in the alcoves frame the original period fire place making the room special
This otherwise ordinary landing was made to look spectacular with the bespoke wall sculpture by Lana Filippova
The wall sculpture is three dimensional and has a variety of textures and metallic colours
This narrow stair case was greatly enhanced by the corner wall sculpture
This wall sculpture diverts the attention away from the narrow stair case, making the most of the available height
The magnificent composition of 3 glass art works finish off the double height entrance hall
The central partician is actually a concealed storage cabinet with fully mirrored doors
The shower area is featuring the same silver 3D effect tiles, as the patrician between the wash basins
Lana's artwork decorates the wall above the bath which has a built in LED lighting
This guest bedroom is made welcoming with LED lights stratigically positioned underneath of the bed and drawers and units
The neutral colours are warmed up with splashes of orange and purple accents
The dressing area has everything any guest might need
The family antique pieces of furniture were re-covered in modern fabrics and now are fitting in with bespoke designed wall unit
This corner cabinet has silver glass tiles recessed with LED lights breaking up the height and creating some interest as well
The different grain direction, different depth and a wash of smoky grey colour transformed the simple oak doors
Behind the mirrored wall panels/doors are cleverly concealed storage cabinets
The open plan living and dining area retail the classical feel making the space cosy and lived in
The dining area is light and colours are carried through from the open plan living room
Occasional sculpture and art piece make the room more special
This apartment has a lovely collection of Lana Filippova's paintings as well as sculptures and family heirlooms
The office is doubling up as a guest bedroom with the sofa bed and cheerful colours
One of the bedrooms has a sitting area separated with an art screen
Throughout the apartment, classical elements and muted colours were used to achieve a timeless rather than fashionable look
This master bedroom is striking with contrasting colours and restricted colours scheme
Bespoke furniture was designed throughout the bedroom finished off with Lana Filippova's artwork
This drammatic dining room has a feature wall light creating a focal point
The drammmatic black and grey colours scheme is made softer and more opulent by the occasional use of rich purple colour

To create a bespoke interior for a client is an intensely personalised process. I balance the practical requirements and aesthetics of my clients whilst introducing them to the world of interiors they never knew existed, full of inspirational pieces and unexpected ways of achieving a truly unique environment for them to enjoy and live in. Such schemes are not easily put together. They are time consuming and involve a lot of creative thought, backed by my experience of 18 years working in the industry.
When designing for my clients I blur the boundaries between interiors, art and fashion. Being an artist gives me a different perspective on things and enables me to view the same objects, be it a piece of furniture or a light like art, weaving all the elements of an interior in to a couture space.
The interiors I create are not purely the result of my own imagination, detached from the real life constraints, but a collaboration between me and my clients, making the clients part of the decision making process and the end result belong to them as much as it does to me. This way I believe I achieve the best result for my clients, igniting them with inspiration and enthusiasm for their interiors.

Project 1: Contemporary kitchen
An existing client required to update the kitchen. Having done lots of work for the same client previously, it was clear that new and boundary pushing ideas would be welcomed and any unique solutions would be considered. The client liked a contemporary, no fuss design. However, a clinical and minimalism look would not be accepted, as some warmth and colour were required. I developed the design which was challenging but with Bluebell fitted furniture, it was not impossible.

Project 2: Luxurious guest suite
An existing project in Manchester was coming to an end with just one room remained untouched on the top floor. Being long but narrow, it was the most difficult room in the house to plan and furnish, with sloping roof in parts of the space and just one window. The requirement was to create a guest bedroom. It was clear from the start that treating this awkward space in the conventional way would also be the wrong way. It needed a creative approach with bold decisions and bespoke solutions. Once the design concept was agreed on with the client, Bluebell Fitted Furniture with their expertise and problem solving skills were brought in to realise the ambitious design.

Project 3: New built property
An existing client has built a property with a view to sell it as soon as it is finished. Hence the design and furnishings needed to be with a high quality and appeal to a contemporary design lovers but fitting in a restricted budget. The pieces supplied for this house would be ideally sold with it, but the client did need to like them in case they were to be re-used in the next property which would be their long term home.