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Hidden House

Architectural Design Concept
Hidden House Main View
Hidden House Side View
Hidden House Interior Concept Design

Our client approached SDA Architecture with a piece of land that they wanted to build a four bedroom family home on. The land is sited within Green Belt, within a conservation area and in close proximity to a scheduled monument in the form of a war memorial. The site also has a number of environmental constraints that would need to be considered in any proposed design.

Given the difficulties facing any proposal a design led approach was taken and we consulted with the Local Authority and ward Councillors to understand the appetite for development in the area. Given this site was a green field site within a conversation area that had never had a built form on it the opinion was that any proposed development would only be supported if it could be 'seen but not seen.'

This created an opportunity to use the topography of the land to our advantage and create a home that from all public vantage points looks like a crumbling dry stone wall which is not out of place in this semi-rural area of Lancashire but from within the site itself the visual impact is that of a modern, highly sustainable, eco-house.