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Shippon Staircase

Residential Interior Design Project £200k+
Product Design
Bisca staircase layout plan - view from above
Bisca Green Oak staircase - overview
Concept Sketch Bisca Staircase - underside sculptural view
Concept Sketch Bisca Staircase, Landing Gallery & Bridge
Bisca Balustrading on Shippon Landing & Bridge
Concept Sketch Bisca Staircase Layout View
Bisca Staircase - staircase approach and newel
Bisca Staircase Juxtapositon of ancient beams and new treads
Bisca Balustrade detail and fixing into Ancient timber beams
Bisca Helical Staircase - detail
Bisca Staircase Hand forged and spliced newel detail

A natural green oak staircase in a 16th Century converted Shippon (cow-byre/barn) hand crafted from oak harvested out of local North Yorkshire forestry.

The combination of empathetic design, natural materials and century’s old craftsman skills has produced a stunning architectural statement staircase that will age gracefully and become a timeless classic.

Although the photographs have only been available for a few months, this staircase is fast becoming a firm favourite with editors and prospective clients alike.