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The Arabesque Collection - by Debbie McKeegan

Wallpaper / Fabric Collection
The Arabesque Collection by Debbie McKeegan
Marrakesh - Finely detailed Floral with ceramic surface effect
Cameos feature intricate designs, Rich textures and surface effects.
Indigo, Vintage Tiles create stunning Trompe L'Oeil effects.
Marrakesh - Vintage tiles given new live using the finest digital print technology
Melay - Beautiful Turquoise Tiles, detailing the imperfections of time
Moulay - Beautiful Mosaic patterned Wallpaper and Fabrics
Agadir - Turquoise tiles with all the imperfections you would expect for this vintage beauty
Indigo Glazed Bricks - Rich glazed ceramic tiles
Taza - A fun mosaic pattern from the Souks of Marrakesh
Chica - Classic Indigo decorative mosaic pattern
Zara - Stunning Circular mosaic wallpaper and fabric design

“Arabesque” – A beguiling collection of Moorish Inspired designs - Created by Debbie Mckeegan.

Each of these delicately printed wallpapers and fabrics feature the patina of times gone by.....
Aged Imperfections enjoyed, celebrated and nurtured....That's what makes Debra Mckeegan's inspiring Trompe L'Oeil designs so very unique.

“It’s been a pleasure to create the Arabesque collection. An enchanting decorative mix of Floral, Vintage ceramics and painterly, playful surface effects. Filled with texture, soaked in the rich patina of time and the warm, vibrant colour palette of the Orient.” Debbie McKeegan