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Sunderland Seafront - Roker Marine Walk

Commercial Landscaping Design
Roker Phase 1 - Holey Rock Corner
Roker Phase 1 - View from Upper Promenade Holey Rock Corner
Roker Phase 1 - Feature Lighting
Roker Phase 1 - Pods
Roker Phase 2 - C2C Sculpture and Roker Lighthouse
Roker Phase 2 - C2C Sculpture new paved setting
Roker Phase 2 - New Public Realm, landscaping and seating
Roker Phase 2 - Existing 1960's Concrete Structure to Play Area
Roker Phase 2 - Existing 1960's Concrete Structure to Play Area
Roker Phase 2 - Seaside Landscaping
Roker Phase 2 - Seaside Landscaping & Driftwood
Roker Phase 2 - Bespoke Carved Seating
Roker Phase 2 - Secondary Sea Defence Seating and planting
Seaburn Phase 2 - Feature Steps, platforms and Planters
Seaburn Phase 2 - Raised viewing platform Utilises reclaimed local limestone within the walling, bespoke railings and boulders
Seaburn Phase 2 - Feature Steps acting as Secondary Sea Defence
Seaburn Phase 2 - Raised Granite Planters to Screen road and parking
Seaburn Phase 2 - Intermediate steps between Platforms
Seaburn Phase 2 - Panoramic Views
Seaburn Phase 2 - Informal bespoke Seats, Dutch Clays Blocks and Raised Granite Planters
Roker - New Private Sector Development following Public Realm Works
Seaburn - Proposed New Private Sector development
Seaburn Phase 3, Day Visual - Lower Promenade
Seaburn Phase 3, Night Visual - Lower Promenade
Seaburn Phase 3, Night Visual - Upper Promenade and Highway

Whilst Sunderland is widely recognised for its industrial past, the City also boasts two stunning beaches in the historic resorts of Seaburn and Roker.

Historically successful seaside resorts, Seaburn and Roker have suffered declining fortunes of late, but remain a source of considerable pride for the community of Sunderland.

The rejuvenation of Roker’s ‘Marine Walk’ Promenade and Seaburn Promenade represents a best practice example of how planning and design disciplines has taken a lead role in the transformation of the public realm, influencing the delivery of outcomes, which have reignited community confidence and contributed to changing perceptions of Sunderland as a place to live and a place to visit.

The promenade projects

A corporate and strategic commitment from the City Council to transform the fortunes of Roker and Seaburn kick started the Seafront Regeneration Project.

Tasked with breathing new life into Seaburn and Roker and led by the Council’s Planning Implementation and in-house Landscape Architects Teams, the project established Seaburn Promenade and Roker Marine Walk as priorities for investment.

Both sites represent the focal points of each resort, from where views of the two stunning sandy beaches of Whitburn Bay and Roker Sands can be enjoyed. However these areas were also particularly symbolic of the areas’ decline - displaying evidence of wear and tear, crumbling public areas and poor access.

Works were carried out over two phases at both Marine Walk and Seaburn Promenade with completion of the second phases in early 2014.