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The Quooker Fusion with COMBI system

Best Product of the Year (manufacture)
The Quooker Fusion Nordic Square design
The Quooker Fusion Nordic Round design
The Quooker Fusion with COMBI system

Quooker’s COMBI and FUSION products represent a quantum leap in kitchen appliances.

Providing hot, cold and 100°C boiling water, all from a single tap and cold water feed only, the COMBI eliminates the need to fire up the central heating boiler to provide hot water for hand washing, cleaning, washing up or laundry in the kitchen.

The COMBI system mixes boiling and cold water to produce hot water at a variable temperature of between 50-65°C; saving significant domestic fuel and money; and conserving hundreds of gallons of water each year. This prevents the age old scenario of running the tap needlessly for several minutes until the water is warm enough to use for washing up. It also avoids the waste of energy as hot water sits in long runs of pipework losing heat after each use.

With the COMBI and FUSION working together, hot, cold and 100°C boiling water boiling water can all be instantaneous for the first time. This saves time, energy, water and money daily.
Hot, cold and boiling water are all dispensed via the stunning FUSION tap, which forms part of Quooker’s Nordic design series; hailed as a major aesthetic breakthrough in boiling water tap design.

The Fusion provides all the benefits of Quooker technology and has the new double push-and-turn safety handle with an active LED ring which lights up when the grooved handle is touched And it’s just so amazingly convenient; switching from cold to boiling water and back in an instant, ready to help you in countless kitchen tasks.

As with all Quooker taps, the 100°C boiling water is dispensed in an aerated spray form which will not scald, making it far safer than a kettle and, indeed, safer than any other hot water taps.

In design terms, the Fusion has been really enthusiastically received by the market. Since its launch in January, it has rapidly been taken up by customers who would not previously have contemplated investing in a dedicated boiling water tap. It is being installed in otherwise budget kitchens due to its versatility and functionality - potential customers see its value as a worthwhile investment. Once installed this rapidly becomes the most frequently used appliance in the kitchen bar none.

Already, the Fusion has come to represent 30% of Quooker's total sales. By next year, Stephen Johnson, Quooker's MD expects it to be up to 60% of total sales, making a significant contribution to expanding the UK market for boiling water taps.