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The Oyster Catcher

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The Oyster Catcher - Beach Huts
Stunning Views
The Oyster Catcher
The Oyster Catcher
Moon Lighting
Textured Pebbles surround the Ice Bucket
The 'Ice-Bucket' and Spade
Curved Booth Seating
Service with a Smile
The Oyster Catcher
The Oyster Catcher
Cheshire Life Food and Drink Awards
Outdoor barbeque area

The Oyster Catcher

The Timpson foundation engaged Huf Haus, a German company famous for glass fronted, environmentally friendly properties to work in partnership with them to create a building fit for its stunning location. The glass structure has several energy efficient features, including a series of bore holes with a ground source pump to provide hot water and heating and clever computers that keep energy use to a minimum.

One of the problems inside the Huf Haus structure was the height of the ceilings. This and the 'openness' of the open plan interior meant the internal acoustic properties were extremely reverberant and full of echoes. The restaurant sounded more like a ‘busy canteen’ than a comfortable restaurant.

James Timpson approached Lister Carter with a view to creating and developing a new interior design for the Huf Haus, wanting to make the restaurant a more comfortable place to stay, enjoy the company of friends, eat excellent food and to enjoy the atmosphere and take in the stunning views surrounding the Oyster Catcher.

In order to break down the expansive and open feel, Lister Carter set about dividing the floor space, by Introducing straight and curved fixed seating booths and in so doing, more intimate and private areas were created to enhance the dining experience.

By lowering the ceiling levels, the acoustic of the restaurant was totally transformed, leaving a quieter and more relaxing area to dine. Cage pendant lights and a variety of moon-like lampshades were suspended at differing levels from the ceiling panels. When you look toward the ceiling you can see the attractive artwork facings of the sky and clouds and automated mood controls ensure the balance of lights changes as the sun goes down.

Externally, totally new concepts were developed, with colourful beach huts that were positioned on the outside decking area. Designed to seat six to eight adults, the beach huts provide shelter from the sea breeze. The new large outdoor barbeque area was installed to enhance eating during summer evenings and to encourage diners to stay longer.