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Denson Blake Kitchens
Denson Blake Kitchens

Denson Blake was formed recently following 7 years as A Fitting Company, at all times the focus is on how a kitchen can be completely customer focussed and working at improving all elements of the process, from making sure allied trades are on time and doing great work to making sure the customer is always at the centre of what we do.

The area we flourish is when people are struggling to find a solution to their problems in a mere range or catalogue. The focus of Denson Blake is around an individuals tastes and often the people we work with are struggling to find what they want. We do not offer a 'range' of kitchens instead we strongly believe that people deserve better than a range and could often have something unique designed for them. So our ranges are raw wood and materials, because anything is possible.

Everything about our approach is completely different from anyone else on in the market. From our presentation 'kitchen in a box' which is where we breakdown a kitchen in to it's component parts right down to the choice of wood, worktops, handles, door styles, etc. We de-mistify what is a confusing process of choosing a kitchen and make this a lot simpler. right through to how we design a kitchen.

Before a person commits anything to us financially we allow them to make a decision quickly by giving a price up front in writing, this means they are not wasting time in design un-necessarily. This makes sure that not only are they committed but equally ourselves. It is the opinion of Denson Blake that as experts we should be able to give people a price that we can commit to. It is our job to make sure that we ask the right questions making it a simpler process.

Once a client wants to work with us we then take a 10% design fee which commits us both to the agreed end price, this covers the extensive work in design but allows the customer to shop around should they wish to do so after the design is done.

The design is more that just a quick 3D in a kitchen software program, it is a complete design brief that begins with the client mood board of what they like which will include things like pieces of furniture, art, lighting display. The less they show us about kitchens the better as we like original design each and every time, after all each client is an individual so should their kitchen.

From the selection of images they have shared with us we begin by creating a free form shape of units, any square units are based on 600mm units, from the initial shape we work out how to turn this in to a kitchen by working out the units. Next we begin to create door styles which will suit the mood board. Once we have the basic unit layout we introduce the style of the door and begin to design the whole look of the kitchen.

From here we consult with the client constantly about all details and proceed only at key stages the first of these being shape of the kitchen, then door style, then rough Black and white design, because if it works in black and white then simply it will work in what ever wood or finish is chosen. Finally we add the colour or finish to the model.

Once the client is happy we create the full working drawings to finalise all the storage details of how the kitchen will work and how best to make sure it suits their exact needs internally. Finally we create a one off sample of the door so they can see exactly what it will look like.

Once they are happy they are in a position to order and at this point we take a further deposit from them to begin manufacture, once the kitchen is complete and 1 week before delivery we take another instalment, leaving 10% outstanding. The reason for breaking the payments up is to reassure a client that things are happening and offer them the protection against another kitchen company going bump.

Once the installation is completed and only when they are completely happy with the end result do we ask for the 10% payment. This is something kitchen companies don't do and we feel that it helps keep the client in control and makes sure that they are completely happy. We don not want any detail that annoys them, and that is made clear from the start.

The project being entered is a Art Deco influenced kitchen where the clients (Husband & Wife) could not find what they wanted anywhere but had clear ideas of what they liked, although quite different views, one liked very modern and the other a more traditional. The Challenge was to make something they both liked. It was clear they both liked the American Bar in the Savoy, strong ideas about lighting and clean lines.

Our presentation shows how the design grows up and the process we take a client through.

The end result of this job was a comment that "It is the kitchen we didn't know we wanted" Which says it all. This to us is what design is about and where we are passionate. This process has evolved over numbers of years and has been achieved by listening to clients, not offering kitchen ranges and taking on board frustrations with the kitchen industry. People deserve the best they can get and we strive to allow them to have that always.