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Oddfellows Hotel

Best Hotel Interior Design
Caldecott Bedroom
Newbrook with Mezzanine
Newbrook Bedroom
Newbrook Mezzanine
The Douglas Suite
 Randolph Caldicott's illustration on the bedside lights
Architects dye-line blueprint of the hotel and garden used on the drawer fronts
Mezzanine Bathroom Area

Oddfellows Hotel - ‘The Dream’
Our dream was to design and build a totally unique boutique hotel right in the heart of Chester – in one of the best preserved walled cities in Britain.

Cheshire based interior designers Lister Carter have been responsible for the complete design, planning and build of the multi million pound hotel development project in Chester. The hotels inner city location meant careful consideration was needed to ensure that both the contemporary architecture of the outside structure would compliment the city's traditional architecture and the planning for the internal hotel room spaces of the hotel would result in a much more enjoyable place to stay.

Chester has always had its lion share of local famous dignitaries and as part of our inspiration we looked in to the world of Illustration, Architecture and Cinematography that have all been associated with the history of Chester.

Randolph Caldecott 1840 - 1886 was an illustrator from Chester, who transformed the world of children's books in the Victorian era. The architecture of John Douglas survives in Chester and the surrounding Cheshire villages - the most admired of his works being the black and white half timbered buildings in the centre of Chester - not forgetting the famous East gate Clock standing on the original entrance to the Roman fortress, it is said to be the most photographed clock in England after Big Ben.

Peter Newbrook the British Cinematographer, director, producer and writer who was born in Chester in 1920, became well known with his work alongside David Lean on two of his classic films ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’ in 1957 and the Oscar Winning ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ in 1962.

From the moment you check in to the hotel - where the reception desk is a replica of a Valkyrie bomber aircraft wing, the vintage typewriters on the walls - to the 6’ tall woodland creatures as decoupage murals in the bar – you know you have arrived at somewhere ‘special’.

All the hotel bedrooms and suites are abounding with fine detail, every room having distinctive features; whether it's the European Oak and glass stair case, individual bespoke upholstered furniture, the luxurious textured fabrics, lavish wallpapers and carpets that enhance all the rooms, even the commissioned drawer units that use architectural blueprint drawings of Oddfellows on the drawer fronts.

Huge ‘Rain forest’ shower heads give you that ultimate refreshing ‘wake up’ in the morning, beautiful plantation shutters give you total privacy from the outside world. While inside your room you can listen, tune in to and watch the ‘State of the Art’ television and audio systems.

For the ultimate in relaxation, the mezzanine floors in the hotels suites give a generous sense of space, at the same time you are able to look up in to the stars through the roof light while enjoying a relaxing soak in the traditional style roll top baths.

The specially commissioned lampshades in the Caldecott bedrooms feature nursery rhyme illustrations, casting colourful shadows and shapes in to the room, to make that night extra special, several of the rooms feature large round beds with matching tall curved headboards.

Throughout the whole of the Oddfellows hotel interior (and wherever you look) there is always something special and interesting to see; creating a talking point and making The Oddfellows Hotel that unique and very special place to dine and to stay in Chester.