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Jon Lupton Furniture Design

Lounger in White Oak
Lounger in White Oak
Lounger in Walnut
Lounger in Walnut
Easy Chair in European Oak
Slim Lounger in American Black Walnut

The designer

Jon Lupton is the designer and woodworker. He works from a mill workshop in the backstreets of Macclesfield, Cheshire. With a fine art background and a carpenter by trade Jon began to focus on his own furniture designs at the beginning of 2012. His reputation for original design and great craftsmanship has since grown as clients discover a true passion for showcasing the practical potential of quality materials.

The products

The concept utilizes the posture benefits of a recliner with a sculpted seat pattern giving total comfort and relaxation. Upright positioning combined with an angled back provides full body support. The seats are suspended from a spine running through the back of the chair rather than the traditional back leg chair support mechanism. This allows the creation of optimal seat positioning angles. It is these angles which create the unique look and “floating” seat.

The products are available in certified white oak or black walnut . The flowing, honeyed tones of the oak give warmth to any environment, whilst the smooth lines and deep tones of the walnut change character according to differing light conditions.

The end result is a tactile, organic but ultimately practical piece of furniture. Truly these are chairs for life that will only serve to improve with age.

The process

Each product is bespoke and tailored to an individual customer’s exact needs after a detailed consultation. The design of each product is then optimized to take into account an individual’s arm and back shape preference. The product can be modified to give additional lower back support if required.

The timber arrives looking like scaffolding planks! Jon then calculates the exact cuts required to accommodate the grain and builds the unique character of each chair. The wood is then doweled to give strength and prevent movement. ‘Maloof’ style joints are used to hold the seat in place creating the solid core structure.

Many hours are spent lovingly hand-carving and sanding the wood. Finally, Jon applies a proprietary hand-mixed blend of oils and waxes specially created to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.