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The Jacobson's Family Home

Livingetc Best Room of 2012
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Living Etc Best Room of 2012

A family lifestyle is cleverly accommodated in this chic, contemporary, living space. Looking at this interior you may be lead to believe that it is a city centre apartment but the cleverly adapted property is a large detached Victorian house, which has been lovingly restored from offices to a family home.

This living space is a true reflection of the family who live here, full of character. It’s bright and fun yet very homely. It is a comfortable, stylish, multipurpose family friendly area.

It has been designed as one large multifunctional space for sitting, dining and cooking. The family love to socialize and cook for friends so it was important that the space was designed to suit their open and friendly life style.

The beauty of this space is there are many different zones allowing each member of the family to be in the same space yet not be ontop of each other. It is very versatile with a large open plan kitchen, living area, dining table to seat 10 and a cosy little chillout zone in the bay window. The large full height glass doors situated in the kitchen, fully open, instantly extending the living space onto the roof top terrace, creating yet another usable zone which can be used for many purposes. A highlight of the terrace is the stunning sunset views.

When converting the property from offices to family home, the family wanted to retain as much of the original features and the stunning stain glass windows where an integral part of the restoration. They were fully protected during the refit and were restored, the family loved all the colours in the glass and made their colour schemes complement them. The use of modern furnishings mixed with the traditional stain glass windows creates an interesting contrast.
The family’s love of colour has been cleverly incorporated into the neutral based colour scheme in areas which are easy to update within time should the family wish to create a fresh look. The colour of choice at the moment is orange as it is fun and vibrant. Textured wood finishes compliment the neutral pallete and create a cosy inviting atmosphere. The deep dark chocolate brown satin glass units used in the kitchen work extremely well due to the amount of natural light and space.

Not only does this living space look good, offer ample flexibility in terms of usage, it is also kind to the environment. It was a must that the home was green friendly but in doing so this did create a few problems, one of the biggest problems was making sure that all the ducts etc were concealed to retain a sleek, modern style.

Clean lines, a warm colour palette, contemporary finishes, mixed with the homes traditional features make this living space the perfect hub for a family who work hard and play hard. The space suits the family’s lifestyle perfectly, they love it and everyone that goes in there love it to.