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Project 1, Manchester, Bedroom
Project 1, Manchester, Bedroom and dressing room with glass swinging doors
Project 1, Manchester, Bedroom, Occasional chair
Project 1, Manchester, Bedroom
Project 1, Manchester, Lounge
Project 1, Manchester, Lounge
Project 1, Manchester, Lounge
Project 1, Manchester, Dining room
Project 1, Manchester, Kitchen
Project 1, Manchester, Kitchen feature light
Project 1, Manchester, Kitchen and decking
Project 1, Manchester, Bathroom glass feature floor
Project 1, Manchester, Bathroom light
Project 1, Manchester, Bathroom
Project 2, Bowdon, Entrance hall
Project 2, Bowdon, Entrance hall
Project 2, Bowdon, Landing
Project 2, Bowdon, Kitchen seating area
Project 2, Bowdon, Lounge
Project 2, Dining room
Project 2, Bowdon, Bedroom
Project 2, Bowdon, Bedroom
Project 3, Hale, Entrance hall light
Project 3, Hale, Formal lounge
Project 3, Hale, Open plan living area
Project 3, Hale, Living area
Project 3, Hale, Dining area
Project 3, Hale, Entrance hall sitting area
Project 4, Cheshire, Entrance hall
Project 4, Cheshire, Lounge
Project 4, Cheshire, Open plan living and dining area
Project 4, Cheshire, Dining area
Project 4, Cheshire, Bedroom
Project 4, Cheshire, Guest bedroom

At Art of Interiors we offer our clients service which is personal and answers their individual requirements. Always pushing the boundaries, we never “push” our clients to have something they are not comfortable with. In the end of the day, the purpose of our job is to create the interiors people feel at home in, not to fulfil our own creative ambitions.

We work with our clients very closely, listening to them and understanding their tastes and needs, translating them in to coherent and elegant designs, which are practical, yet look effortlessly put together creating elegant interiors.

Our clients come back to us time after time. They recommend us to their friends and family. This tells us that we are doing things right. We get to design different properties, from a farm house, to a town house, from a modern build to a period property. Styles also vary from traditional to contemporary, but the end result is always current and timeless.

We are presenting snap shots from 4 recent projects.

Project 1 – 130 year old period property in Manchester.
The property has undergone an extensive refurbishment. The client wanted to retain all the original period features, like intricate covings and deep skirting boards, fire places and impressive window frames. Everything was lovingly restored or replicated where it had to be renewed. At the same time, the interior scheme needed to be contemporary. We had a task to blend seamlessly the old and the new. Not knowing exactly how this could be achieved, our client was carefully guided through the design process and always offered a choice, so the feeling of being in control of the decision making was always there. The client is extremely happy with the result. Now he can see that he can get the best of both worlds.

Project 2 – Modern property in Bowdon.
This is a spacious modern home, with large windows and high ceilings, but the character was lacking. Our client was fed up with beige throughout the property left to her by another interior designer. Feeling bored with her home, which was not warm and welcoming place, she wanted to add colour and excitement in to it to reflect her personality and style. We injected some colour in to the rooms without overpowering them. All the furniture and lighting were changed to unusual designs that are now a talking point amongst her friends. A lot of bespoke pieces were commissioned to achieve the individual look our client desired. Now every room has a strong identity and plenty of features in the likes of furniture, rugs, accessories and artwork. The entire art collection in the property is by Svetlana Filippova. Our client loves her home now and feels happy spending time in it.

Project 3 – New build in Hale.
Like a lot of new build properties, this house in itself was bland and uninspiring. But the couple for whom this house was built was committed to have some fun with its interiors. The general approach was to have a modern looking home, but cosy, with classical elements. We loved working on this project with our clients, who were not afraid to put some trust in to us and try something new. The end result does not feel contrived and looks like it evolved over many years, where as it only took a few months to furnish the whole house.
Project 4 – Contemporary property in Cheshire.
Our LA born client loved the ground floor open plan of this vast contemporary property when the put in an offer for it. At the same time, it was daunting for her, as nothing from the old house would fit in, style or size wise. We had to move fast! In the short 8 weeks the whole property was furnished, so the family moved in to a comfortable home. We had to make sure that she would not make any rush decisions and fully understand the look and the feel of the schemes we were presenting to her. The brief was to create a light and airy environment, thoroughly contemporary but comfortable with a luxurious feel. I think we have done just this, as our client is now at the stage of putting finishing touches to her new home, of course form our wide selection. She did not have to step into another shop for anything!