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Diane Berry Kitchens

Best Kitchen Retailer
Project 2c - Dalziel Kitchen
Project 2a - Dalziel Kitchen
Project 2b - Dalziel Kitchen
Project 2d - Dalziel Kitchen
Project 1a - Oldfield Kitchen
Project 1b - Oldfield Kitchen
Project 1c - Oldfield Kitchen
Project 1d - Oldfield Kitchen
Project 3a - Morgan Kitchen
Project 3b -  Morgan Kitchen
Project 3c- Morgan Kitchen
Project 4a - Coupe Kitchen
Project 4b - Coupe Kitchen
Project 4c - Coupe Kitchen
Project 5a - Mathers Kitchen
Project 5b - Mathers Kitchen
Project 5c - Mathers Kitchen
Project 6a - Evelyn Kitchen
Project 6b - Evelyn Kitchen
Project 7a - Simons Kitchen
Project 7b - Simons Kitchen
Project 8a -  Bacon Kitchen
Project 8b - Bacon Kitchen
Project 8c -  Bacon Kitchen
Project 9a -  Rosenburg Kitchen
Project 9b -  Rosenburg Kitchen
Project 10a -  Howard Kitchen
Project 10b -  Howard Kitchen
Project 10c -  Howard Kitchen
Project 11a -  Wagman Kitchen
Project 11b -  Howard Kitchen
Project 12a -  Brown Kitchen
Project 12b -  Brown Kitchen
Project 11a -  Tierney Kitchen
Project 11a -  Tierney Kitchen
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Best Kitchen Retailer:

Diane Berry kitchens is a business that has that lovely friendly caring feel about it. We welcome all clients with a nice pot of tea or a perfect cup of coffee. We have toys for children to play with so families can come in and relax and take in everything they need to start the journey of transforming their lifestyle. We don’t employ any sales people we only have designers and we provide a design service second to none. People buy from us as we believe in creating the right design for the client and spend a lot of time asking questions and then the most important part ‘listening’.

Diane started designing 31years ago and has fine tuned her art and surrounded herself with like minded designers; we offer full project management to support our clients at every stage of their journey, which then gets followed through to completion with her like minded team of tradesmen. All our tradesmen are employed by us, so we have total control over the quality of the work we do. We opened in 2002 and our turnover has increased year on year, we’ve never borrowed from a bank and respect that clients trust us with their homes and their money so we keep our business in the black and are KBSA members so all our clients are fully insured for that extra security.

Our studio never has light bulbs out or appliances missing, we present ourselves and our industry to the best of our ability and win respect not only from clients but also from our suppliers and competitors. We run an advertising campaign that doesn’t use fancy brochure shots but images and testimonials from our clients, we’re proud of our work and prefer to promote what we actually do. We run regular activities, this year we have had two Miele cookery demonstrations to ensure our clients are getting the best from their appliances. We’ve also had an Indian cookery evening presented by Anjali Pathak of Pataks fame and at the end of this month are having two coffee mornings offering drinks and cupcakes to raise money for MacMillan cancer care.

Our service policy is to take care of all clients old and new, I have people who I support who bought kitchens from me as old as 30 years ago, we really are known as the company who cares, we all treat people and their homes as we would like to be treated. We have clients from all walks of life and our service standard is the same whether someone is spending £500 or £50,000, everyone works hard for their money and should enjoy spending it and we know everything cannot always run to plan but it‘s how fast and caring you are in handling a problem that defines you.

Our website has a blog facility so we regularly update images of our client’s kitchens so people can see what we are doing and read customers comments, It’s so important to let your new clients see what your existing clients think and this wins us business time and time again. The images we have sent you are all work we have done or of our studio, you cannot judge us by seeing brochure shots but real clients and real homes.