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Coastal Residence

Best Family New Build (£500k - £1 million)
Seaward Facade
Rear Elevation
Sea Views
Front Elevation

This New England style dwelling is located in an expensive, low density, coastal residential area. There was previously a 1950’s style bungalow on the site which was not particularly attractive and because of site values in this particular area, renovation or extension to the house would have been uneconomical.

The dwelling is double fronted to capitalize on the beautiful sea views and has an open plan kitchen/living/dining area located at the rear in order to provide a strong visual connection with the private gardens. As many of the existing, mature trees have been retained as possible.

The dwelling has a natural slate roof, smooth white rendered walls with white timber weatherboard cladding. We feel this is an appropriate blend of materials, in keeping with the coastal theme. It has a pitched roof with seaward facing gables. The structural frame integrates much glazing as possible whilst still retaining a traditional form. The balcony to the front elevation has been designed to be understated by recessing it into the building.