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1950's Line Papers

Best Wallpaper Collection
Florette, colourway Acid Drop
Hampstead, colourway Ink
Herbes, colourway Cocktail
Heath Stripe, colourway Pewter
Bouquet, colourway BonBon
Cones, colourway Aurora
Quilt, colourway Haar
Norcombe, colourway Welkin
Norcombe, colourway Jazz

The ‘50s Line Papers’ collection is another chapter in Little Greene’s ongoing revival programme of the best, yet often forgotten, wallpaper designs of the past.

For this latest range the company has collaborated with The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, which houses one of the largest wallpaper archives in the UK. The collection focuses on the 1950s; an era very much within living memory for many.

The 50s Line Papers encapsulate this decade of post-war revival, with its newfound freedom of expression and palpable spirit of adventure - albeit a thrifty one – championed in a culture and economy striving to rebuild both confidence and identity.

The collection is named in tribute to the celebrated wallpaper manufacturer, John Line & Sons, who, since the turn of the 20th century, commissioned artists to create innovative and adventurous wallpapers. The eight eclectic designs represent a variety of designers and styles from the 50s era, some of which were indeed manufactured by the John Line & Sons factory in Southall, London.

All the papers are careful interpretations of the original archive documents, respectfully adapted in scale and detail to honour the spirit of the period. In keeping with its previous heritage collections, Little Greene has embellished some patterns, refined others and applied its colour expertise to create a range of papers that will serve not just the 50s enthusiast but interiors of any era and style.

The 50s Line Papers celebrate the confident use of colour which is so highly representative of the time, whilst the designs themselves demonstrate a somewhat relaxed approach to the ‘modern’ interior: a distinct departure from the more formal decorating style so favoured by previous generations of designers and homeowners.

Bouquet: A striking floral trail on a subtly spotted background, Bouquet depicts loosely-drawn spring flowers such as tulips, lily of the valley and Solomon’s seal.

Cones: A linear motif showing tightly-drawn, linear pinecones in two different shades on a contrasting ground.

Florette: Six very stylised flowers, each of which features a dainty main bloom, two tiny buds and two veiny leaves, symmetrically arranged over two rows.

Hampstead: Line drawings of smart Georgian and Regency town houses, complete with trees, gardens and railings; very 1950s style, but also very now!

Heath Stripe: An abstract linear stripe motif in two colours on a neutral ground

Herbes: Charming outlines of herbs such as lavender, rosemary, oregano, basil and angelica, accented against a rectangle of solid colours.

Norcombe: A dense design featuring clusters of wildflowers, leaves and ferns.

Quilt: A double line diamond trellis in two complementary shades, accented by a spot in the middle: the overall effect is of a quilted fabric.

As with previous collections, Little Greene has judiciously selected paint shades from its Colours of England and Colour Scales collections to co-ordinate with and complement the wallpapers.