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Gallery 22 - Need'k

Best Product of the Year (peoples' vote)
Best Fabric Collection
Display curtain made in fabric design Fleuve by Japanese company Need'k
Fleuve design in orange
Gravis design two colours
Gravis design in silver and green on black
Glanz design in grey
Bloom design in brown
Bloom design close up in grey
Stone design in grey
Dragon leather design in white

This is a collection by Japanese company Need'k. The company specialises in most unusual textiles. They are the leader in innovating weaving tecniques, whcih allow them to produce amazing fabrics with complex weave and structure. They don't aim for mass market, but for those who appreciate the unique qualities and would not mind to pay premium prices for their products. This particular collection comprises of various designs, whcih all look contemporary, in a neutral colour palette but with innovative weaves and unexpected twists and combinations in designs. The composition of the fabrics with metallic threads and fringes, with texture and multiple layers. The most amazing designs though are Fleuve and Gravis. The base cloth is black wool felt which is heavy but drapes well. It serves almost as a canvas to the design applied on top. The abstact lines in design are made of shiny silky fibres, which look like they are ironed on. Closely inspecting the fabric on the reverse, it will be apparent that these shimmering fibres are stitched on the face of the fabric with tiny stitches which you can hardly see in a clear thread, so fine that it becomes invisable. This is why these silky fibres look like they are ironed on or "floating" on the surface of the fabric. It is 140 cm wide and retails at £395 p/m. It is so beautiful however, that even a metre of this fabric stretched over a frame will creat a fabulour piece of art and please your eye every time you walk in to the room.